Teacher Certification Science

“Teacher Certification Science” is a search term that people enter when they are interested in becoming a public school science teacher. There is a national shortage of science teachers so no matter where you reside, becoming a state-certified science teacher will ensure you have multiple job opportunities throughout your teaching career. In addition, the United States is at a point where scientific innovation is more important than ever. By sharing your enthusiasm for science with America’s youth, you have the opportunity to influence the future of the United States in a very positive manner.

To become a science teacher in your home state, you will first need to complete the general teacher certifications requirements. These requirements consist of prerequisite coursework, teacher preparation, and skills examinations. For an outline of the process to becoming a certified teacher in your home state, go to Certification Map.

After you complete your Teacher certification requirements, you will need to pass a science subject test in order to becoming a certified science teacher. For information on the subject tests you will need to pass to receive your teaching credentials, you should go to your state’s Department of Education website.
And remember, if you have an interest in science, there is no better way to pursue your passion than to bring your enthusiasm for science to the classroom environment.