South Carolina Teacher Certification

South Carolina is one of the most interesting and scenic states in the country. With beautiful weather and a rich history, South Carolina is an appealing location to work. By obtaining your South Carolina teacher certification, you will be able to influence the future of the Palmetto State.

For a quick overview on how to receive your South Carolina teacher certification, go to the Certification Map’s South Carolina page. On this webpage, you will find all the critical information on how you can obtain your South Carolina teacher certification.

The benefits of becoming a public school teacher in South Carolina outweigh those in other states. The average teacher salary in South Carolina is an impressive 144% of the average state salary and it takes only two years to become eligible for tenure. In most states, it takes at least three years to become eligible for tenure.

For information on the specific requirements necessary to receive your South Carolina teacher certification, you can go to Certification Map or the South Carolina Board of Education website External link  for a more detailed outline on how to become a teacher in South Carolina. One important aspect of the South Carolina teacher certification process is that South Carolina offers the national Praxis II Subject test, as opposed to a state-administered subject test.

With all the benefits being a teacher in South Carolina has to offer, there has never been a better time to receive your South Carolina teacher certification.