SBEC Teacher Certification: Texas State

The requirements for becoming a certified teacher in Texas are changing. Starting on June 21, 2009, an appropriate teacher certification credential may be issued to a candidate who completes all requirements of a State Board of Education Certification-approved educator preparation program.

There are five routes to Educator Certification from the SBEC. The first route is to receive an educator certification from a University-based program. These programs are generally offered as part of a baccalaureate degree program and may vary by institution.

The second route is to receive Texas teaching certification from an alternative program for educator preparation. These programs are offered at SBEC-approved locations and involve a combination of university coursework, professional development experiences, mentoring, and supervision during the candidate’s first year as a teacher.

The third route to an SBEC teacher certification is available to teachers who already hold an appropriate Texas classroom teacher certification and a Bachelor’s Degree. These teachers may become certified in other areas by completing the appropriate teacher certification examinations in the desired areas. The first step to receiving additional certification is passing the appropriate subject matter test. It is important to note that teacher certification through examination is not available for a teacher’s initial certification.

The fourth route to SBEC teacher certification is available to applicants who have received a standard teaching certificate or credential from another state or territory of the United States, or another county. This credential must match the requirements of the SBEC and must not have been revoked or suspended. An applicant who holds a standard teaching credential from outside Texas and meets the requirements of the SBEC may be issued a One-Year Certificate in one or more subject areas. This certificate is nonrenewable, and the applicant must complete all necessary examinations during this one year period. If an applicant has completed a test comparable to that of the Texas teacher certification test, they may request an exemption from the Texas test.

A final route to Texas teacher certification is available to all applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or University with an academic major that is related to one or more areas of the Texas public school curriculum. These candidates may be accepted to become teachers under a Temporary Teacher Certificate (TTC) and must undergo a review of transcripts by the SBEC.

Texas currently has a teaching shortage in all areas. In 2008, Texas reported a need for 82,000 new teachers and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts teaching to be one of the fastest growing occupatiosns over the next 5-10 years. The need for teachers is highest in math, science, special education, foreign languages, technology applications, and bilingual education. The types and number of positions available varies across the state. The average teacher salary in Texas is currently $38,857.