New Jersey Teacher Certification

Becoming a teacher in New Jersey is an exciting and appealing opportunity. New Jersey has a shortage of teachers in all areas and grade levels across the state. By obtaining your New Jersey teacher certification, you will be able to pursue a rewarding career path in the Garden State.

There are a number of perks to receiving a New Jersey teacher certification. The average elementary school teacher salary in New Jersey is $57,980, the average secondary school teacher salary is $61,640, and the average salary of New Jersey teachers is 122% the mean salary in the state. Additionally, it takes only three years for a teacher to become eligible to receive tenure after receiving a New Jersey teacher certification and all teachers receive 15 weeks of vacation time every year.

To find out more information on how to receive your New Jersey teacher certification, go to: Certification Map’s New Jersey Page. This website will provide you with the essential knowledge on the prerequisite requirements, teacher preparation, and required testing necessary to receive your New Jersey teacher certification.