A Fresh Start: Sec. Arne Duncan’s Plan to Revitalize Failing Schools

So goes the saying that you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. But Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan plans on doing more than just cracking a few eggs. He’s drawing on his experience as the chief executive of Chicago Public Schools where he shut down almost a dozen schools to re-open them with new teachers and administration.

Now, Sec. Duncan plans to take his approach national – citing around 250 schools to apply this reconstitution program. This means thousands of teachers will have to be replaced. Most teachers, despite great protests, are finding jobs in other schools around their area. Duncan, however, claims that this dramatic shake-up is a necessary one in turning around our nations failing schools.

With the infusion of money into Duncan’s budget (almost $3 billion), he might just be able to replicate some of the promising results seen in Chicago. “Another challenge will be recruiting the high-quality educators crucial to helping reconstituted schools succeed.” This is where we come in: it’s time to start training a new generation of highly qualified teachers ready to enter this new educational enviornment and ensure equal opportunity for success across America.