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To become a certified teacher in Arizona, you will need to fulfill all prerequisite coursework, teacher preparation, and testing requirements.

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Certification Requirements

Important Note: Education licensure requirements and salary statistics (for teachers and administrators) are subject to change. CertificationMap.com makes its best effort to keep content accurate; however, the official sources are the state education departments. Please confirm licensing requirements with your state before applying for licensure or renewal. Last updated: 1/06/2015

Teaching candidates must submit the following requirements in order to be considered a certified teacher by the state of Arizona:

  • Completed application
  • Non-refundable fee made out to the Arizona Department of Education
  • Valid fingerprint clearance and background check
  • Completion of accredited teacher preparation program or 45 hours of education courses at an accredited institution -OR- proof of two years teaching experience -OR- a valid teaching certificate from another state
  • Passing grade on required state tests, both general and subject specific
  • Completion (or equivalent) of two courses: Arizona Constitution and U.S. Constitution

Arizona Teacher Prerequisite Coursework

All states require that certified teachers at a minimum have a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, some states have undergraduate credit hour requirements for certification in specialty areas. Arizona, however, does not have any undergraduate credit hour requirements.

Arizona Teacher Preparation

Teacher preparation includes the completion of an accredited teacher education program. Typically teacher education programs consist of a combination of curricula and fieldwork. The curricula often includes instruction on foundational knowledge and skills, pedagogy (or the art and science of teaching), and preparing students to research, design and implement learning experiences in their field of study. The fieldwork component can include field observations, student teaching, and an internship.

While the involvement in an education program may seem financially daunting, a number of financial resources specifically for teachers exist around the country. For more information on this, visit our page on scholarships for teachers. For scholarships specific to the State of Arizona visit our Arizona Teacher Scholarships page.

Alternative Certification

Graduates of accredited colleges or universities whose bachelor’s degree was not in education, and who have not yet earned a traditional teaching certificate, can still receive an alternative teaching certificate by satisfying certain requirements. Click here for more information about obtaining your alternative certification in Arizona!

Arizona Required Tests

The Arizona State Department of Education requires that all teacher certification applicants complete and pass tests on both subject knowledge and professional knowledge. The required Arizona State exams are the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (AEPA) and the National Evaluation Series (NES).

Arizona Certification Reciprocity

Arizona will accept some teaching credentials from all but the following states: Alaska, Connecticut. Contact the Arizona Department of Education to inquire about your specific situation. Please see our interstate reciprocity disclaimer for more information.

Arizona Teacher Salary

  • Average Elementary Teacher Salary: $42,110
  • Average Secondary Teacher Salary: $43,880
  • Number of Vacation Weeks Per Year: 15 weeks of vacation per year
  • Teacher Salary vs. State Average Salary: The average teacher in Arizona makes 117% of the salary of the average worker in Arkansas

Applying for Certification

Arizona Fingerprint Card Information: Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card Information [PDF]

Fingerprint Card Application: Contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (602) 223-2279 to request an IVP

Fingerprint Card Packet: Required for all applicants, including out-of-state educators.

Fingerprint Reciprocity Application: Testament Form For Fingerprint Reciprocity [PDF]

How to Apply Online

The Arizona Department of Education has no direct involvement in the hiring within schools and/or districts. Please contact your individual district or visit the Arizona Education Employment Board for current job listings.

Arizona Substitute Teacher Requirements

Please click here to learn more about how to become a substitute teacher in Arizona.

Contact Information

Arizona Department of Education

1535 West Jefferson Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

(602) 542-4367

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