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Teacher Certification Made Simple!

ESL Teacher Jobs

ESL stands for “English as a Second Language” and refers to programs in the United States that attempt to teach English to non-native speakers. ESL teachers can instruct either standard ESL classes or bilingual classes. Regular ESL courses are supplementary to a normal curriculum and aim to teach students how to speak, write, and read English. Bilingual classes, on the other hand, are core-curriculum classes, such as math or science, that are taught in two languages to ensure that non-English speaking students keep up with their English-speaking peers. ESL classes are available to students at all levels of education and, considering that the United States is a country with a rich history of immigration, ESL teachers play a very important role in the educational process. According to, the average salary for an ESL teacher is $43,000.

To learn more about the duties of an ESL teacher, the rewards of such a position, and job openings in your area, visit