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Become a Teacher

Teacher certification requirements vary greatly from state to state. Most states have various levels of certification for teachers based on the age group or subject area they wish to teach. Please see our state-by-state breakdown to determine the specific requirements needed to get certified in your state.

How to Become a Teacher1 Become a Teacher
Typically, in order to obtain certification, states require the following:

  • Undergraduate Education: States require that certified teachers have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • To teach at an elementary school level: Most states require either an undergraduate major or minor in education or a Masters degree in education.
  • To teach secondary subjects: Most states require an undergraduate degree in the desired subjects, as well as the completion of an educational program which usually includes a student teaching and/or practicum component. A few select states require a certain amount of undergraduate credits in basic subject areas.
  • Teacher Education: Completing a teacher education program is necessary to gain certification.
  • Testing: Most states require the passing of either a state test or the PRAXIS exam to demonstrate a liberal arts foundation.
  • Masters Degree: Some states require a Master’s degree in teaching

If you’re unsure about whether teaching is right for you, read about some of our reasons to become a teacher. Take a look at your state’s specific certification requirements: