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National Handwashing Awareness Week 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on December 4th, 2011 in General Interest, News and Politics | 4 Comments »

National Handwashing Awareness Week 2011 runs Sunday, December 4 through December 10 with Global Handwashing Day happening back on October 15.  Hand washing can be one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of contagious disease when done correctly.  It is important that we teach students about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Sensible hand washing in schools not only prevents the spread of contagious symptoms like colds, but also more serious diseases like hepatitis A and meningitis.

In an effort to support National Handwashing Awareness Week and to keep our students, teachers and educators healthy we have created an infographic with facts pertaining to hand washing; how to do it correctly and common mistakes people make when washing their hands.  Please share this infographic as part of your educational outreach and campaigns focused on keeping our schools healthy.  We encourage you to help us spread this important message!

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National Handwashing Awareness Week Infographic

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  • Anonymous

    Great information… wish the graphic was smaller with a link to the information.

  • Applebymarie

    Great information, im just about to Teach a micro teach session on hand washing tomorrow, so the information has come at just the right time, cheers x

  • http://twitter.com/SinusSister Joanne Latimer

    Yes, consider it done. Will re-post on  SinusSister dot com, my blog.

  • TechTeacher

    If you right click and “save image as” you should be able to resize the graphic with paint or any other photo editing software. And looks as though there are links at the bottom.