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5 Resources to Help Prepare for the Praxis II

Posted on September 14th, 2011 in Certification Map | 2 Comments »

The Praxis II examination is the second portion of a series of tests that gauge a teacher’s basic skills and content-specific knowledge, and are usually part of the teacher certification process in many states. Rather than being one standardized exam, the Praxis II is actually a number of different examinations covering over 120 different subjects from grades K-12 — but each test is restricted to a particular grade-level or subject area and you will only be taking the one(s) necessary for your certification. For example: If you wish to become a high school history teacher, the Praxis II exam you would have to take differs from that a middle school math teacher would take.

Preparing for the Praxis II can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. The exam is offered in both paper- and computer-based formats, and consists of multiple choice questions and written responses. Because the exam is very specific in its subject, and because it can be part of the teacher certification process, you’ll want to prepare thoroughly.

Here are five resources to help you prepare for your Praxis II exam:

1. ETS (Educational Testing Service)
ETS is a private nonprofit educational testing organization, which administers the Praxis II. On the portion of organization’s website that is dedicated to the Praxis II, you’ll find general information about the exam along with tips and resources to help you prepare for it. Being the “source” of the Praxis II, the ETS is the ideal place to start preparing for test day.

2. Praxis II Test
Praxis II Test offers a large number of practice test questions for nearly every test subject possible. Economics, geography, agriculture — it’s all there. The best way to prepare for the Praxis II exam is to go through as many practice tests questions as possible. Use this site throughout your studying to make sure that you are preparing for the right questions and have a solid understanding of the test’s format.

3. Test Prep Review
Test Prep Review is a resource for free online practice tests. It hosts information about a number of tests ranging from the GED to the LSAT, including the Praxis II. Test Prep Review’s Praxis II page includes content breakdowns, exam help and helpful links to test review information.

4. Cliff Notes
You would be hard pressed to find a classmate (and soon a student) of yours that made it through school recently without ever consulting Cliff Notes. While it may seem funny to be using them to pass a teaching examination, the fact is that Cliff Notes can be immensely helpful in preparing for tests and essays. Cliff Notes includes guides on the Praxis II exams on social studies, English, mathematics, principles of learning and teaching, and special education. So re-connect with your old high school self and read the appropriate edition of Cliff Notes from start to finish before taking the Praxis II. Cliff Notes helped you then; it can do the same now.

5. CollegeBoard
Not exactly tailored to the Praxis II, College Board offers Advanced Placement Exam preparation that can be a useful way to brush up on the particulars of your test. The Praxis II will be every bit as thorough as the corresponding AP exam, so make sure you are diligent in reviewing the material on College Board.

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